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Understanding Our Policies

Help! My campaign was removed and I don't know why

Did your campaign (including the design, URL, title, or description) include any of the following? A trademark or logo that belongs to someone else Colors, logos, names, players, coaches, or number...

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Understanding Intellectual Property - Copyright

What is Copyright? Copyright protection Copyright gives creators of certain works the right to control the re-use and distribution of that work (whether an exact copy or a derivative version). What wor...

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Understanding Intellectual Property - Trademark

Trademark What is a trademark? A trademark is a word or symbol that indicates the “origin of goods,” meaning it allows the public to identify the company that is ultimately responsible for a particular p...

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Understanding Intellectual Property - Right of Publicity

Right of Publicity and Right of Privacy What is the Right of Publicity? Right of publicity is very different than the legal rights provided by trademark and copyright. Right of publicity is the right o...

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Notice and Takedown Procedure - How to File an Intellectual Property Complaint

Notice and Takedown Procedure - Reports and Complaints If you believe that your content has been used in a way that constitutes an infringement of your rights, please notify Teespring by filling out our Noti...

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Acceptable Use Policy

Acceptable Use Policies Teespring is a service that enables anyone, anywhere, to bring their ideas to life. By removing every pain point and every risk we believe we can empower millions of people to launc...

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Repeat Infringer Policy

Teespring strives to create the best community possible for our buyers and sellers. If we see that your account has violated any of our policies multiple times, we reserve the right to disable your entire ac...

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