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Allowing for Pick Up

For delivery, we have two options: Direct Delivery Direct delivery is available for International and Domestic customers. Some quick notes: 1) Packages are delivered via USPS for all orders within the US an...

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Relaunch/Auto-Relaunch Your Campaign

"Relaunching" your campaign simply means starting it again after it has ended. You can relaunch your campaign whenever you want, and as much as you want! MANUAL RELAUNCH 1) Go to your Seller Dashboard, in the...

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Printing Methods

Screen Printing and Digital Printing (also called Direct To Garment or DTG) are two popular methods of online apparel printing, which Teespring uses for all incoming designs. The choice between Screen and Digit...

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Dashboard Settings and Team Accounts

Through your Dashboard Settings you can change the following default information in your profile: public name, email address and password, default mailing address, phone number, and overall Facebook Pixels. ...

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What’s an up-sell? Up-Sells in the world of e-commerce is a way to suggest additional or higher priced items to your customers at the point of checkout. You’ve probably seen them all over the place on your favo...

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Printable Areas

What is a "Printable Area"? In Teespring terminology, the Printable Area refers to the Black or Red box in our designer. This box outlines the portion of the products where we will be able to print your artwo...

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Multi-Currency Checkout

Buyers can now checkout in five currencies -- USD, GBP, EUR, CAD, & AUD! But who? Who sees which currencies? When buyers arrive to Teespring, their IP will automatically determine the currency they see...

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