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Trouble Placing an Order

There are two ways to place a Teespring order. One way is on a computer, and the other is over a mobile device. On both devices, these are the steps to follow: 1. Navigate to the campaign page you're intere...

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Didn't Receive Confirmation Email

When an order is placed, we immediately email you a copy of your receipt. This email (the confirmation email) also contains your order details and your order's estimated delivery date. If you did not receiv...

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About Teespring

Teespring was born on a whim and founded by Walker Williams and Evan Stites-Clayton in 2011 while the two were seniors at Brown University. When Fish Co., their favorite local dive bar (now the Whiskey Republic...

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Searching For Campaigns

If you are looking for a particular campaign, visit our homepage and use the search bar in the center of the screen. To help locate the item you'd like to order, use keywords related to the design or use the ca...

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What is the Teespring process in the US?

Who creates the designs? The products we offer are all designed by everyday people like you! There are absolutely no restrictions on who can use our site. There is no fee to design and sell while using Tees...

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Types of Campaigns Offered

Each design is also called a "campaign" on Teespring. There are different types of campaigns offered, and here's where we'll explain what each of them mean! ACTIVE CAMPAIGN An active campaign – the most c...

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Verified Donations

The "Verified Donation" badge indicates that the seller has opted to donate a percentage of a campaign's profits to a qualified 501c3 charity group or non-profit organization. Teespring verifies the organizatio...

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What is an Order Number?

Your order lookup number is part of the Confirmation Email that is emailed to you immediately after you place your Teespring order. This number is unique to your order and allows you to track its progress. h...

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Gift Returns

At Teespring, we understand that gift-giving can be a complex art. If you've ordered or received a Teespring product as a gift and it needs to be returned, our standard return/refund policies do apply.

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Pending & Recurring Charges

All sales transactions take place either once a campaign has ended with the minimum print requirement met (typically 5 orders), or when the campaign reaches its goal- whichever comes first. Before that takes...

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