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What is the Teespring process in the EU?

Who creates the designs?

The products we offer are all designed by everyday people like you! There are absolutely no restrictions on who can use our site. There is no fee to design and sell while using Teespring, which means that there's no need to be concerned with things like overhead cost.

Where are the tees printed?

All of the designs featured on Teespring EU are printed in the EU. We partner up with only the best suppliers, whose expertise, quality, and service level have been delighting customers from the start.

Where are the tees manufactured?

We offer a ton of different options in our designer, and work with well-known brands to ensure our customers are confident in the quality of the product that is going to be delivered. Some of our main brands are: Fruit of the Loom, Gildan, AWD, Sol’s, and Stanley & Stella.

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