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Priority Policy - Understanding our Policy and Instructions for How to File a Priority Claim

Priority Policy

Every day, we are amazed by the imagination and passion of our users and want nothing more than to serve them to the best of our ability. While we are often inspired by the creativity of others, we want to actively discourage blatant copying of successful campaigns. At Teespring we are dedicated to building a community that supports and encourages innovation and creativity, which is why we have developed a Priority Policy that is intended to help sellers find the right balance.

Oftentimes the content of many campaigns does not include content that is protected by intellectual property laws. Words and phrases, for example, are not protected by copyright and are only protected by trademark when they identify the source of a particular product (e.g. the “Life is Good” brand of t-shirts). Even though successful campaigns may not have legal protection, at Teespring, when a Teespring creator creates a unique campaign, we want to protect them against other people’s use of their exact content.

Under the Priority Policy, a Teespring creator may file a complaint if a subsequent campaign has used an exact copy of their content or content that is modified only minimally (e.g. by using a different font or replacing simple graphics with other simple graphics). The Priority Policy will not apply unless the original campaign has some design element or other aspect that makes it unique. If the campaign is unique, and has been blatantly copied, a creator may submit a complaint. While a phrase alone is not protected, the presentation of that phrase will be protected under our policy.

To submit a complaint, we ask that you file an official complaint using our Priority Claim Form. When filing a complaint you will need to provide the following information: your campaign and its launch date, as well as the campaign that you feel violates the Priority Policy. If Teespring sees the elements of a valid complaint, we will notify the later seller of the Priority complaint, generally within 24 hours. The later seller will have an opportunity to provide additional facts (such as availability of the content on other sites at an earlier date).

If Teespring determines that the later campaign violates the Priority Policy (i.e. was an exact copy or minimally modified copy), then Teespring will terminate the offending campaign. For a first offense, Teespring may choose to pay the later seller their profit for the campaign. For any subsequent violations of the Priority Policy, Teespring will withhold profits related offending campaigns and may terminate the later seller’s account. In any event, Teespring’s actions under this Priority Policy will be in its sole discretion. Any withheld profits will be applied toward seller education and resources that benefit the community.

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