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Help! My campaign was removed and I don't know why

Did your campaign (including the design, URL, title, or description) include any of the following?

  • A trademark or logo that belongs to someone else

  • Colors, logos, names, players, coaches, or numbers from any professional or collegiate sports team

  • Lyrics, artwork, names, and/or designs related to any musical act

  • The name or likeness of any celebrity or fictional character

  • Any content from a television show or a movie (characters, places, artwork etc)

  • A copyrighted element belonging to someone else

  • The name or logo associated with branches of the United States Military or the military of another country

If so, your campaign was likely removed for violating our IP Policies. Please check all your remaining campaigns to ensure your other content is not in violation of our policies.

To learn more about trademark, click here.
To learn more about copyright, click here.
To learn more about the Right of Publicity, click here.
What happens to my campaign now?
Your campaign is no longer active. If you re-launch a campaign with the same content, you can be subject to account termination under our repeat infringer policy.

What happens if more than one of my campaigns was removed?
If you have had multiple campaigns removed, you may be in violation of our repeat infringer policy. Multiple violations of our policies can result in account termination.

What happens if my account is disabled?

Once your account is disabled, you are unable to login to your account and access any of your campaigns. You are also not able to access any remaining profits. If you feel your account was disabled mistakenly, please let us know.

What happens if I own the rights or have permission to use a particular trademark or copyright?

If your campaign was removed and you received a copy of the third party complaint in the email notification, please file a counter notice here.

If your campaign was removed and you did not receive a copy of any third party complaint in the email, but you believe you are authorized to use the content in question, please email ipescalations@teespring.com and provide us with documentation or the reason for your authorization.

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