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Create Promotions

1. Go to the "Promotions" tab of your Dashboard.

2. Go ahead and type in a Promo ID (e.g. "5OFF", "SHIPPING") and choose the dollar, percent, or shipping amount that you'd like to offer as a discount.  To differentiate between offering an exact dollar amount or an overall percentage, simply choose from our drop down selection.  

Important Note: Shipping refunds cover the USD flat rate of $3.85 + $1.00 fees per additional items.  At the moment, we are not able to offer free international shipping discounts. 

If offering a discount disrupts your profits in any type of way, a pop up message will appear to alert you. Otherwise, all of your promotions can be viewed at any point under the Promotions tab.

3. For buyers to claim your promotion, they will need to follow a link to your campaign with the Promo ID built in.  So if you create any type of advertisement offering a promotion, the link in your advertisement will need to include the Promo ID as outlined below:

4. Make sure you test your URLs before sharing them with friends, past buyers, or in your advertisements!
Traditionally, promotional codes require a potential buyer to remember a specific code, or copy it and paste it during check-out. At Teespring, the promotional code functions as an extension of your campaign URL, allowing your buyers to see something like this.

This new structure of promotions is extremely effective, as fewer people exit out of the check-out process to navigate back to the coupon code (especially tedious for mobile visitors). Upon closing out of the discount window, they'll still see a reminder of their discount at the top of the campaign page. 

5. Share this link wherever you'd like buyers to receive your discount (say, in a Facebook advertisement).

If you have any additional questions, please contact us.  

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Please note: If you still have questions regarding promotions, please contact campaigns@teespring.com

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