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Dashboard Overview

Over the last several months we've been taking in all of your feedback and building out this new and improved dashboard. Some of the features have been given a facelift, but others are entirely new upgrades. The functionality is incredible, but as with anything new it can be a little disorienting.

Your User Dashboard begins with the "Overview" page, where you can look at all the campaigns you've created.  

By default, any active campaigns you have running will appear on this page.  If you'd like to look at your ended campaigns, you can sort by two different sets of criteria: "Start Date" and "Status." If you need to sort through many campaigns, you can also download all of your information in the form of a spreadsheet.


You can still make a number of edits to a campaign, even after it has been launched, through the user dashboard.  Clicking on the "Edit" pencil icon will bring you to a page that the third step of the Teespring Designer.  On this page, you'll be able to alter things like the campaign title, your description, tags, display options, and customer pick-up.

You can also edit your settings by clicking on the "Settings" Click wheel.  You can find more information on what those settings detail in this article

You can "duplicate" a campaign by clicking on the Duplicate square.  By clicking on this option, you will be creating a copy of your campaign. Your design will open exactly as it was uploaded originally in our designer.  This is an ideal option if you'd like to run two campaigns that are mostly the same, with enough difference to require two check out pages.  For example, if you'd like to run two shirts that have the same design but one says "Mom" and the other says "Dad," or other variants along that line.  

The same options available for active campaigns are also available for an ended campaign, if need be.  Ended campaigns can also be relaunched from the user dashboard via the "Relaunch" arrow.  Unlike duplicating a campaign, relaunching will keep everything the same.  You'll have the option to change your goal and campaign length, but the rest will be kept intact. 

Should you choose to Relaunch your campaign, any reservations that a potential buyer may have ordered will carry over.  If you Duplicate the campaign, those reservations will not be applied. 


Clicking on the "Mail" icon will bring you to your Messages portal, where you have some options for communicating with your buyers.  More information on that in this article

Dashboard Settings and Team Accounts 
Campaign Settings

Please note: If you still have questions regarding your dashboard, please contact campaigns@teespring.com

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