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Upload Error

Our site is compatible with most web browsers.  For best results, we recommend using Google Chrome, Safari, or Mozilla Firefox.  To upload your design using Internet Explorer, you will need to have the most updated version of the program, Internet Explorer 11.  Any other version of Internet Explorer will not be compatible. 

"Error Uploading" Messages 

In order to ensure that all of our products are printed without any flaws, there are a few types of images that we do not accept in our designer. When one of these images is uploaded, it will cause an error message.

These are the most common file types that our designer does not accept:

1. File-sizes that are too large

The maximum file size that our designer will accept is 5MB.

2. Max/Min Dimensions for an image

Maximum Dimensions are 3000 x 3000 pixels.
Minimum Dimensions are 200 x 200 pixels.

3. Max/Min Resolution for an image

Maximum Resolution is 120 DPI for a PNG or JPG on campaigns based in US.
Maximum Resolution is 300 DPI for a PNG or JPG on campaigns based in EU.
Minimum Resolution is 72 DPI for a PNG or JPG.

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