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Types of Campaigns Offered

Each design is also called a "campaign" on Teespring. There are different types of campaigns offered, and here's where we'll explain what each of them mean!


An active campaign – the most common type on Teespring – has a design that is available for a limited time. When the campaign ends, all orders are printed and shipped.  In some situations, your order may print and ship before the campaign ends”


​The re-launchable campaign allows customers to place reservations on a campaign that is no longer active. This process holds on to (or reserves) items until a minimum of 10 reservations have been placed. At that point in time, the campaign will "auto-relaunch" – becoming active again. The buyers will receive their t-shirt after the campaign ends.


If the campaign does not meet the minimum of 10 required orders, the reservation is cancelled after 6 months.


Some campaigns are no longer active, and the seller has decided that they no longer want to offer that design to buyers. If you see an ended campaign, we suggest you search for similar designs.


A Verified Donation" badge may be applied to any campaign in which the campaigner would like a percentage of his/her profits to be donated to a legitimate 501c3 non-profit organization. Once the campaign ends, the profits are sent directly to the organization.


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