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What is the Teespring process in the US?

Who creates the designs?

The products we offer are all designed by everyday people like you! There are absolutely no restrictions on who can use our site. There is no fee to design and sell while using Teespring, which means that there's no need to be concerned with things like overhead cost.

Where are the tees printed?

All of the designs featured on Teespring US are printed on in the United States. We have our own printing facility located in Hebron, Kentucky, where we fulfill about 80% of the production from our site. We also work with a handful of other printers who are all experts with custom printing.

Where are the tees manufactured?

We offer a ton of different options in our designer, and a common inquiry we get is about which items are manufactured in the USA. At the moment, all of our products are sourced outside of the US.

We only partner with suppliers who uphold respectable labor practices and social responsibility policies. If you are interested in the information regarding any other products, please refer to the Available Brands article.


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